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The Prime Minister of Tunisia: Chaos is rejected and we will face it with the force of law and the unity of the state

Tunisian Prime Minister Hicham El-Mechichi called on the Tunisian people not to be drawn into the campaigns of mobilization and incitement, not to resort to violence and chaos, and not to spread rumors and confuse state institutions, saying: “The crisis is real, anger is legitimate, and protest is legitimate, but chaos is rejected and it will face with the force of law and unity. The state".

Al-Mechishi added, in a speech to the Tunisian people on the first national channel today evening / Tuesday /, “I do not think that among the peaceful protesters there is anyone who justifies or recommends these practices, and that these practices are the actions of deviants who push for chaos, betting on the exhaustion of the security forces' efforts to facilitate operations. Theft and plunder. "

The Tunisian Prime Minister explained that the development drive is a line of action for this government, and that all that the government has done in the past short period and what it intends to do during the coming period is a constant endeavor towards comprehensive and equitable development.

He affirmed that his government deals with a professionalism and republican ideology with peaceful protests and that it - with the same professionalism and republican belief - applies the law to the perpetrators of looting and attacks on stores, stressing that the right to protest should not be transformed into a right to steal, plunder and smash private and public property.

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