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The contractors enter a closed camp in preparation for the Al-Ahly match

The Arab Contractors team, led by Imad Al-Nahhas, the team's coach, will enter a closed camp today, Wednesday, in preparation for the Al-Ahly club confrontation tomorrow, Thursday, in the ninth round of the General League competition, which brings the two teams together at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium, and Al-Nahhas is scheduled to accompany all the team's players Inside the camp, with the exception of absences that will not catch up with the match.

The contractors miss a number of important elements in the Al-Ahly match, most notably Mohamed Essam, who suffers from a rupture of the connective muscle, Ahmed Abdel Aziz Zizou for his rupture in the background, and Ahmed Al-Shimi, who suffers from torn ligaments, in addition to the duo with corona.

For his part, Alaa Abdel-Ghani, the general coach of the Arab Contractors team, believes that Al-Ahly and Zamalek were alone in the struggle at the top of the general league early on, and Abdel-Ghani said in statements on the "One Two" program with the media, Saif Zahir: Praise be to God for the three points we needed very trust for the device And the players, losing four games separated us greatly. We were penultimate and today we are in 12th place, an important gain over the Ismaili, a great and respected team, and we said a period of loss in the second half.

He added: We enter strong and compressed matches every 3 days, but we got used to this matter because of Corona, and I think that Al-Ahly and Zamalek are alone in the competition for the league, and the beginning separated them very much, and far from the competition, the Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly Bank match lost the red team two very important points, and we lucked out We'll face them next match.

He continued: But the big teams are not afraid of confrontations. We suffered many blows due to Corona and injuries, and we were managing the team from isolation, and this caused a decline in results, the list has changed now, but we played without 11 players in 3 matches, and I wish safety to all players.

He resumed: Pyramids are far from the competition, if we evaluate the performance on the field, and Pyramids will not suffer, he has three or 4 distinguished players, but the rest of the team is not at the same level, and they do not have fans, indeed they have financial capabilities but they do not have fans, and we lost against them because we were not good In the second half.

He added: Zamalek is very special this season, and there was no focus on the championship last season because of Africa, and this was a very wrong method, but the current season the team is going completely differently and the start was excellent.

He concluded: Al-Ahly is a large and respected team, as are the contractors, and the performance on the day of the match is what will form the difference Al-Ahly needs points in order to struggle over the league, and we also need these points to escape from the bottom.

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