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Biden candidate for the State Department: The United States will remain its embassy in Jerusalem

US President Joe Biden's candidate for the State Department, Anthony Blinken, pledged that the United States would keep its embassy in Jerusalem, and made clear that he supports the normalization agreement between Israel and the Arab countries, and added that resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians "involves great challenges" now, and it is difficult to expect opportunities in the long term. So near.

He stressed that what is known as the two-state solution is the way to guarantee the future of Israel as a democratic Jewish state, and to grant the Palestinians the state they are entitled to obtain.

It should be noted that today, Wednesday, President Joe Biden will be officially inaugurated as President of the United States for a term of office that will last for 4 years.

Both US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had arrived at the memorial to the victims of the Corona virus in Washington, according to media sources.

While the US Department of Defense said that it is keen that the president-elect and his deputy get a safe inauguration ceremony, and that it has excluded a number of its members hours before the inauguration of the new US President, Joe Biden, as American security sources confirmed the high number of National Guards excluded from the task of protecting the inauguration ceremony Biden pointed to 12 items for their association with extremist groups.

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