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Armed groups in Tripoli reject the outcomes of the Libyan Dialogue Forum and accuse Williams of interfering

The "Tripoli and Western Region Protection Force" rejected the outcomes and voting method announced by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Tuesday, regarding the political dialogue forum members agreeing on the mechanism for selecting the new executive authority, accusing the members and head of the mission, Stephanie Williams, of "pressure" and "contempt for the people's interests." Libyan "and intervene to direct dialogue tracks.

In a statement, the armed forces sent a message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council, and heads of missions of the countries sponsoring political dialogue for the Libyan issue.

The Tripoli Protection Force is formed from a coalition of the main armed groups in the Libyan capital, which includes the Special Deterrence Force, Al-Nawasi Brigade, the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, and Abu Salim Central Security.

The Tripoli Protection Force and the Western Region said that it is monitoring the ongoing political dialogue, appreciating the role of the United Nations in its efforts that seek stability, peace and the peaceful transfer of power.

She emphasized that she had observed "a dangerous deviation from the correct path in a number of transgressions ... from the suspicious way of selecting some of the characters to participate in the dialogue, to the way in which proposals are presented and voting, and ending with the personal interference of some members of the mission in directing the political path towards specific goals." It serves the interest of Libya, but rather serves a narrow party circle that will not be able to bring Libya to safety. "

The Tripoli Protection Force and the Western Region emphasized that it rejects the outputs and the voting method that the head of the mission pressures (acting) to achieve in the remaining period of her duties in Libya, in a scene that robs the will of the majority of the Libyan people, and in a hurry of time reflects the head of the mission's disdain for the interests of the Libyan people who are suffering The ravages of disease, wars and financial poverty, she said.

The force also affirmed the necessity of returning to the (Libyan - Libyan) dialogue and sponsoring it and moving forward in peaceful dialogue as soon as possible through our national institutions, declaring its defense of Libyan values, principles and sovereignty, and calling for the intervention of the United Nations Secretary-General to correct the mission's path in the interest of the homeland and the citizen.

At the end of the statement, the Tripoli Protection Force and the Western Region reiterated its rejection of any outputs of incomplete dialogue that robs or detracts from the sovereignty of the Libyan people over their land, capabilities, and historical legacy.

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