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Al-Rai Kuwaiti: 3 to 4 ministers leave the new government formation to defuse the crisis

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported that 3 to 4 ministers will leave the Kuwaiti government to defuse the crises and calm the tension, adding that Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled is preparing the new government formation on a low fire, announcing that its completion will require time, especially since the constitution does not stipulate a specific deadline for formation. .

According to the newspaper, observers believe that Al-Khaled's emphasis on communication with parliamentarians, political forces, civil society, opinion-holders, experts and specialists carries several messages. It confirms its keenness to consult with as many actors as possible regarding the new formation and its specifications, and at the same time it shows the need for a comprehensive review of the previous government, which was announced after the National Assembly elections.

According to the newspaper, Al-Khaled seeks, through a number of priorities that he presented, to extend the hand of cooperation and meet a large part of the demands announced by a number of representatives, such as reconsidering laws that restrict freedoms and preparing for changing the electoral system, among others.

And Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled’s identification of the specifications of those who participate in the next government formation appeared in preparation for the departure of 3 or 4 ministers of the current government.

Despite his assertion that his time is devoted to conducting the consultations for the new government formation, it seems that Al-Khaled will take his time completely - despite the loud voices - calling for him to speed up the achievement, in an effort to ensure the success of the next ministerial dish and pass the harsh parliamentary tests that await it.

Observers consider that slowing down the announcement of the new government formation will contribute to working to calm political tension, by listening to the various demands from all political and societal actors and forces to secure a solid ground on which the prospective government stands, and to be able to keep pace with the high parliamentary ceiling.

Observers read in Al-Khaled’s recent words an explicit approach to meet the parliamentary proposals and agree on what can be achieved from them in accordance with the constitution and the law, in addition to his indication of the need for ministers who are able to participate and take responsibility for the difficult upcoming procedures and decisions.

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